Quiet Time

But grow in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  ~ 2 Peter 3:18

Were Sodom and Gemorrah married? Who preached the Sermon on the Mount? Some people say yes, they were married and that Billy Graham taught the Sermon on the Mount. Maybe you are one of those people. Something is wrong with our biblical knowledge, or lack thereof today. Statistics show that even people who have gone through Christian school, church and grown up in a Christian family are often lacking in biblical, foundational knowledge. Part of the reason is that many of us “do” our quiet time looking for how the Bible applies to us. The Bible is not about us-it is about God. The Bible is given so we can know God. The more we know God, the more that knowledge of Him can change our view of self and transform our mind. Recently I heard a wonderful podcast on “How your quiet time should change you”. That is where I got the questions above. I couldn’t resist sharing it here. Jen Wilken gives some very solid
wisdom on what the purpose of a quiet time is. She gives suggestions on
how our quiet time can be a time where we are learning foundational truths. PLEASE don’t be put off that it is a woman. Her recommendations are applicable to all of us, male or female. God wants us in His Word for sure. It is to be our daily bread. It is not dessert or a side dish. May we all dig in to the main dish of the Word and be fully nourished by it every day.

✅  What are you currently doing in your Quiet Time and how regular is it?

✅  Did you know the right answers to the questions above? Do you think it matters?  (correct answers: Sodom and Gemorrah were cities and Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount)

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