Who is our God?

I have been praying for Miriam and Jordan this week as they have their exams.  Why do I pray? Because God acts on behalf of his people. This does not guarantee that they will get all A’s. It also doesn’t negate the need to study, get a good amount of sleep, attend and listen in class. But I have been praying.

Psalms talks about the fact that I am not praying “in vain” or to a figment of my imagination. I am praying to the God of eternity.
Let me remind us all, through the Psalms, who the God we pray to is. He is THE ONLY God who has ever been seen. His creation is what we are stepping on now. We can see His work, and people saw Him walk on earth as Jesus Christ. He created us. There are NO OTHER gods. He is the only one-always has been, always will be.

He does “act”, or do things. He did not start the world like a spinning top and is now just watching it slowly wind down. God acts. He interacts with us. He helps us.

We play a part. We are to recognize Him as the only God. We are not to play around putting ourselves on the throne of “god” in our life nor allow anything else to take his place.
We are to wait. Yes, sometimes, serving and following God means just waiting. Waiting for him to guide us. Waiting for him to help us get through a difficult, unanswered circumstance.

We are to do right. God desires we do right. As believers, He has given us the Holy Spirit, who gives us the power and ability to do right.

We are to remember God’s ways. We need to read up on, know, and remember the things God has taught us through His word and the things He continues to teach us.
Our God is special. He is active, not passive.  He is a helper, and has sent the Holy spirit to give us power.  This is our God, the only God, and the one to whom we should continue to pray and live for.

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