To “know” or not to “know”

Jordan’s graduation speaker is of course, President Trump. We all “know” President Trump. That is, we know who he is. But we don’t know him personally like we know our friends, family or neighbors. President Trump will most likely not be calling us by name over the loud speaker to greet us. My point? There are 2 different kinds of “knowing” people.

In the Bible project series, they recently discussed this concept related to Hosea and the word “acknowledge”. Acknowledging someone is a form of knowing them. God wanted his people to “know” or “acknowledge” Him as God.  They chose the wrong form.

Today’s verse spells this out. The people are saying with their mouths “We acknowledge you!” but they are rejecting good. Their lives are not acknowledging God in any way shape or form.

God wants His people to know Him-not like we know  President Trump, but to know Him personally, like we know our best friend. What is the best test of which way we “know” or “acknowledge” him? Do we reject or embrace what is good? Good is the opposite of evil. We know what is evil: theft, murder, haughty spirit (think rolling of the eyes), lying, looking down on someone or making fun of others, disobedience, speaking with malice, proud hearts, wicked schemes, rushing to evil, someone who causes strife,  feet that are swift to run to mischief, and much more of course. Perhaps the easier question to ask is, do we embrace the evil that God actually hates? The answer to either of these questions will help us to see how well we actually “know” or “acknowledge” God ourselves.

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