Waiting for something?

“Wait”. That is what I had to do before I got married. It was a long time. It was not my plan. I thought I would get married quickly after college. It was not an easy wait. I did not understand why I had to wait and why things were not working out as I had planned.  I did not know what (or more specifically “who”) I was waiting for, and I did not even have any promise to hold on to that God had someone in mind for me. There were a lot of lonely Friday nights and questions for me in my 20’s. I still remember. But looking back now, God had me “waiting” for Dad.  For God’s timing. For God to mature both of us and bring us together in His time, not mine. All I can say now is THANK GOODNESS!!!

In today’s verse from Hosea, we read the words “wait for your God always.” I want to say, yes, do this! Wait for God. This entire verse is easily understood, but not so easily obeyed, especially the second part about “waiting”. Other versions translate this  as “wait continually” , “always trust him”, “always depend on him” , “wait with hope” or “wait patiently”

It wasn’t easy for Saul, the king, to wait. He decided not to wait and his life turned into a shambles because of that.  Many kings of Israel were impatient and went into battle instead of waiting on God. Thousands died because of this impatience.

We all have times when we must wait. We wait for healing, for clarity of what we are doing in the future, for a spouse, for a job, for a problem to be resolved, and for many other things. We often won’t know how long we have to wait, and we won’t know why. The tendency will be to take matters into our own hands like Saul and move forward without God. This is not the choice to make.  Instead, we must choose to heed God’s Word through Hosea and to “wait for your God always.” Wait patiently,  trusting and with hope.  I sure am thankful I waited and you will be too.

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