When we go down to Liberty this weekend, we will see some of Jordan and Miriam’s good friends. I will recognize a few I have met, but others may need to be reintroduced to me. I would easily recognize Claire, SK, Corey and Nick. Others, I don’t know because I have never met them or only met them once like Cal or Quinn. I have not spent time with them and have no connection.

Sadly, God is in the second situation with his people today in the book of Amos. They have reached the sad, scary point, where they really don’t even know who God is anymore. In the past few prophets we have been reading (Isaiah, Hosea,  and Joel), God repeated over and over “I am the Lord your God.”  Notice at this point, in today’s verse, He actually has to tell them He is the creator  (mountains, wind) and all-knowing (reveals things) and more. Then, He tells them his name,  “Lord God Almighty.” He is introducing himself. They SHOULD know his name, but clearly they are so far from Him they don’t even know who He is. This is a sad state they are in. They literally don’t even recognize their own God.

I know Claire because she stayed here, and Corey because he joined us in Wildwood, at our house, and even at Liberty. I don’t really know Cal or Quinn because I have never done anything with them or really talked to them for any period of time.

We will or will not know God based on the same criteria: time spent together, communication and joint experiences.  We can be confident and deepen our relationship with God through these same means.  He has given us the Holy Spirit to “stay” with us forever. God communicates with us as often as we look at His Word.  We spend time with him when we walk through tough times and good times in faith. We have the luxury of clearly knowing our God as long as we continue to maintain our relationship with Him, spend time daily, hang out with “his friends” and keep communicating. May God NEVER have to introduce himself to us again!

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