“Heed” the rod!

It is a gloriously sunny day today-thank goodness, but I want you to think back to a snowy day in the past. Mr. Bill and the school both have driveway snow poles they put in the ground so that when it snows, the plows know where the road ends, and the ground begins. It creates a border to help people stay on the road.

Those poles don’t hurt anyone, but they do protect the ground and possibly the drivers, depending on what is under the snow that they can not see. This is not a perfect analogy for the rod spoken of today in Micah, but it is a good mental picture. The rod in today’s verse, is the “rod” used by God and coming from wisdom to protect us. Sometimes, this “rod” is painful. Micah and God want us to listen. Listen to God. Listen to the wisdom of God whenever we can.

In Micah’s day, God had brought wisdom to his people time and time again through the mouths of prophets. They did not listen. It was very painful when they did not listen. He then brought the “rod” of judgment and correction-not something anyone would enjoy. This is because they did not listen initially. But, if they had humbled themselves to the “rod” when first encountered, that too, would have spared them more pain. They did not.

We can. God shares wisdom with us daily through His Word, messages, godly people in our lives and messages we can hear. We need to keep listening.  When we don’t, He will also correct us with a “rod”. He is protecting us from the dangers that lurk off that road, just like the orange snow poles. I know I seem to repeat myself time and time again, but it is that important. We must always keep in the forefront of our mind that God is For us. His wisdom and commands are for us, not to destroy us. For example, when we are told to be careful what our eyes see or to remain pure until marriage, listen and obey, because it is for our own good. It is for protection and future blessing, not to frustrate us. Listen, fear His name…and when we haven’t, let’s make sure we wisely heed the rod!

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