Loading the dishwasher does matter…

I sent the family a group text today with a few requests to help us all adjust to living in the same house again. It is really just the basic reminder to clean up after ourselves. This may seem like just a  “mom” thing, but you know, it really is a “Christian” or even better “Christ-like” thing.  I would imagine most people don’t consider keeping a bathroom clean or putting dishes in the dishwasher a vital piece of their Christian walk, do they?

My reading of this week’s memory verse though reminds me it is.  Being Christ-like means we “serve” one another. We count others and what they desire as more important that what we desire. As we see in this verse, those who want to be great, are to be servants or slaves. That requires doing things for others.  This does not come naturally to any of us (except maybe dad, who models this better than anyone I know!) But it can become a part of who we are. It can become natural as we pray and seek to do this. I see you all doing this already when friends are over for dinner and you let them go first. When you choose not to brag about good grades to friends if/when you get them, this too is a means of not being “great”. It is right and Christ-like.  But we all have a long way we can go, especially in serving others.

Let’s look for those ways. Live out Matt 20:26-28. We have PLENTY of opportunities right in our own house- carrying something upstairs for another, saying a kind word or compliment, letting a sibling use the tv or watch the show they want without complaint. These are all “small” acts of putting others first,  that I believe are big in the eyes of God.



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