Choose unity…

We can’t talk about today’s verse until I put it in context. This verse ends a short psalm which starts by saying: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” (Ps. 133:1) I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced of this-we all know getting along is better than not getting along!

Now let’s consider this ending verse. Literally speaking, the Psalmist in vs. 3 talks about God bestowing His blessing  and compares it to dew on Mount Hermon. This would have been understood in those days very well-Mt. Hermon  was the highest mountain in the area. Dew was a huge blessing in an otherwise parched, dry area. ( This blessing is used to illustrate how good things can be when brothers (people) get along and live in unity.

We have seen our fair share of disunity in this world-we have seen it at school as a whole and between individuals. We have seen a church crumbled by disunity. Divorce today shows the ripple effect of disunity in the family. Friendships break up from disunity. Disunity is ALWAYS massively destructive.

Unity, by contrast, is a huge blessing. The question God challenges you and I with in this Psalm is: Will unity be our choice? When we are involved in an institution where disunity is arising, will we feed the disunity, or look for common ground to rebuild? When the day comes and you are in a marriage and you and your spouse disagree, will you fight until the death of the marriage to prove you are right, or instead, be willing to unselfishly give up your ‘rights’ to being ‘right’ for the sake of unity in marriage? Today or next year, when you and I disagree with a friend or family member, will we insist on having our own way and drive the wedge between us deeper, or pray and do whatever we must to mend the relationship. These are not easy choices, and our sinful nature will ALWAYS push us towards disunity. As members of God’s family and the church, let the Psalmist remind us today we can instead choose unity. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can stop, consider how to be a peacemaker, and do whatever it takes. In the end, all will benefit and be blessed because of it.

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