Clay not Play-doh…

Dad and I were talking to Zach B. the other day about his college plans. He is unsure about choosing a major. This is normal. We tried to encourage him to not worry about being unsure, but to watch and see how God shows him his gifts, strengths, likes and dislikes and have confidence God will guide him.

Why do we say that? Because if we are God’s children, than God is at work-guiding and shaping us. He is not only guiding us to a “job” or our future, but more importantly, we are His special project that he started and will finish. God is not a quitter.

We can be confident God is at work in our lives based on today’s Psalm. We are the “works of [his] hands”. Other scriptures call us “clay in the potter’s hand”. We are not play-do that is just played with, instead we are clay for a potter whose intent is to create a finished product.

He does not quit. This Psalm also reminds us God will not abandon us. He is not going to set us down and give up. He will keep molding, forming, adding and taking away until we are the exact image He intended from the start. He puts “marks” or gifts in us that will be useful in our lives to fulfill our missions. He forms us to be able to complete our job, just as a pitcher is made to pour water.

Our job? Be clay. Be moldable. Look for the “handles” and “spouts” (gifts) that we alone have to be used for His purposes in the kingdom. Look for the workplaces, lives and occasions where we can serve him best with those gifts.

The good news is, we can be used while in the process. What are your gifts? How did you help someone yesterday? Did you help anyone today? We are the only person specifically qualified to fulfill His purpose for us. Trust that God is continually making us more and more useful day by day. It may take some reshaping and it may be a bit painful, but it will make us more useful. We need to look for areas where we can help and be used. Be willing and ready so that we can fulfill His purposes for us.

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