The “phone” test…

What would be the best way for you to know me-what I think, what I like, what I talk about and how I spend my time? Just grab my phone. If you looked at my photos, apps,  emails, amazon account and read through my texts, I think you would get a pretty clear picture. You would see who I talk to, how I speak, what we talk about and how I spend my money. It would be a pretty good means of “searching” me.

Here comes a harder question: Would you or I actually give our phone to someone to do this? Would you feel comfortable giving your sibling or dad and I your phone, saying “Please look through this-let me know if you see anything questionable.” Would I hand you mine?

As I was reading today’s verse about asking God to “search” me and “know my heart”, this thought came to mind. The Psalmist is saying this as a means to seek God’s guidance. There is a good purpose in it. He wants God to look at every area in his life (which God already sees and knows of course)

and point out those areas the author is missing. He wants God to find areas that are “offensive” [grievous, hurtful, bad] and then he wants to be lead away from those things into the way everlasting. This is a good request. He is asking for God’s help.
It is not a bad idea for us to ask the same of God. Ask him to show us those areas of sin in our life that we are oblivious or blind to. Ask God to lead us to repentance and that our heart would be inclined to follow that lead. Dare I suggest the first place might be an examination of our phones. Would you let me have free reign with yours? Would I give you mine? Don’t just read this-hand your phone today to a God-seeking family member or friend.  If there is any hesitation, than I suggest we seriously ask ourselves why and start to ask for God’s help in that area first. Ask God to lead us in the way everlasting-and that we would be good followers to His leading.

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