What is a “portion”?

Grandpop has generously offered to take us to Texas Roadhouse tonight for dinner. I am already looking forward to it. As always, I am sure I will be bringing home food that will serve as a second or third meal later for me in the week. They give huge portions there.

This week’s memory verse talks about  a“portion”.  As I read it and also read today’s reading in Job I was thinking they are linked together. In the Lamentations verse above, I remember that the part about “the Lord is my portion” means God is enough. A portion of food is enough for one person. Because God is enough, I can trust Him when I need hope.

How is He enough and how can we hope in him? This is where Job comes in. If ANYONE would have been in a position to say God was NOT enough, it would have been Job. Yet, after having lost everything and still physically suffering, Job tells us  that God’s Word was more treasured than daily bread.  That is a “daily portion” needed to live. Surely being Job, he might have instead treasured being healthy again more…or getting his family back more… or his material possessions? But that is not what he says. He says it is God’s Word that is of supreme value. God’s commands were Job’s portion and treasure.

I believe as we grow in Christ, as God’s Word becomes more and more a part of our actual being (as it “abides” in us) then we will find it is a full portion too. The more we are satisfied with God, the more hopeful our lives become. As you see God in a new way or at work in your life, His value will increase and He will become more of a treasure to you. As you and I walk through very difficult or frustrating circumstances and we follow God’s Word despite our feelings, we will learn He is our portion. He will sustain us like daily bread. He is trustworthy, and our hope in Him will increase-just as Job’s did in the midst of true calamity.

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