Tell me about Larry Bird…and God…

Anyone who knows dad most likely has also heard of Larry Bird, especially if they are a basketball fan. Jordan could tell spectacular facts about Larry Bird he has heard from dad. He could tell record-breaking statistics and would recognize him if he saw a picture. Dad has commended Larry Bird’s talent and skills and that is how Jordan knows a lot about him.

Can our friends do the same about God after talking to us? The psalmist today speaks of how one generation will “commend” God’s works to another. They will praise or declare God’s works to their children. He speaks of telling others and especially our children of God’s mighty acts.

I am not so sure I have done a great job of this. I do see God at work, and have seen amazing things He has done in my life and in this family. I am not sure I have “commended” them clearly to you. What works of God have I told you so often that you could tell someone else? Just like a play or the looks of Larry Bird, could  you tell a “play” of God in my life? Maybe I have been commending my own works and taken all the credit myself in my life, instead of giving it to God. I pray these things will change in me!

We could probably all work on this. Is it natural for us to speak of God’s impact in our life or do we tout our own accomplishments? Is it impossible for our friends to spend any time with us without them hearing about God’s mighty acts? Do they even know He is an integral part in our life?  We need to all be that generation that passes it on.

I pray God helps us see His mighty works even more clearly. May it spill out of our mouths on a regular basis in such a way that those who know us, know Him. He is amazing. He deserves all the glory and the “stats”!


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