Listen in Driver’s Ed but also in the class of “life”

To get your drivers license, all 3 of you had to take the course, log hours of driving for practice and pass tests. Through these things, you learned how to actually drive a car. You also learned the laws so you would be able to drive safely. What if you had been given the books but not read them? What if when you got in the car for drivers ed, you just refused to drive? What would happen when you got on the road by yourself? Chances are it would be a disaster-you would most likely have an accident or at the very least, get ticketed for breaking a law. What would you be called? A fool.

A fool by Webster’s definition is a person who acts unwisely, imprudently or just plain silly.  A fool by God’s definition is a person who despises wisdom and discipline.  A fool is something I doubt any of us are “striving” to be.

I am starting the book of Proverbs today, and as you all know, it is about wisdom and foolishness. It is written for us to learn principles for life from God. Right off the bat, we are instructed to seek out wisdom and respond appropriately to discipline. The funny thing is, most of us know the first part of this verse, but not as many have memorized the second, the part about not despising wisdom and discipline.

I know I am quick to spot a person I may think is acting foolishly, but Proverbs calls us to look inward at ourselves. Are we “playing the fool”? Do we despise wisdom? Maybe it would be better to ask, do we “despise” wisdom others may give us-whether it is God through His word teaching us not to sin or a godly friend who is giving us advice or counsel to do or not do a certain thing? When we are corrected by a family member or a teacher, do we get defensive immediately or do we consider we may be in error and that discipline is for our own good.

No one wants to be a fool. A fool hates knowledge-its the person who doesn’t read any book on driving, and then gets behind the wheel. Its an accident waiting to happen.  In the same way, we need to make sure we are not driving through life without reading and obeying the book and the instructor’s advice.

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