Mirror, Mirror…

Every morning I use a mirror to put my makeup on and to get ready for the day. I can fix my hair, cover up blemishes and basically “fix what is wrong” (or at least try!) This morning, before I used the bathroom mirror though, God had me look into His mirror; the Word. I saw very clearly the “blemishes” that needed to be corrected in me from that as well.

I am reading in the book of Proverbs right now-and am up to chapter 12 today. Repetition in the Bible is always something that should catch our eye, and it caught mine this morning. I realized how often God speaks of the characteristics of a fool-and I saw myself. Here are the characteristics I noted just this far in Proverbs that describe a fool:

  *hates knowledge (Pr. 1:22)
  *complacent (Pr. 1:32)
  *lacks understanding (Pr. 8:5)
  *loud (Pr. 9:13)
  *lacks judgment (Pr. 9:16, 10:21)
  *doesn’t accept commands (Pr. 10:8)
  *talks too much (Pr. 10:14)
  *spreads slander (Pr. 10:18)
  *finds pleasure in evil conduct (Pr. 10:23)
  *his ways seem right to him, so he
   doesn’t listen to advice (Pr. 12:15)
  *shows annoyance at once (Pr. 12:16)
  *blurts out folly/stupidity (Pr. 12:23)

I am sure this list will only get longer as I read further in Proverbs. I have seen myself in this mirror and now see what needs a lot of work. I will be praying with God’s help, to correct the problems, because I have also read what becomes of the fool; they come to ruin, bring grief to their parents, and are destroyed. I do not want this outcome for my life.

I imagine you don’t either. Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions of a “fool”? Do you want to be a fool? Do you admire those you know who are fools? I don’t think any of us do. God’s Word is truth. If we see ourselves in any of the descriptions above, than let’s use this truth to correct the “flaws” (sin) God is revealing to us in the mirror of His word.

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