“Danger! ________ Danger!”

Way back when I was little there was a show on tv called “Lost in Space”. It was really hokey, but one thing everyone remembers is the robot on there who constantly said: “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger”.  He would warn the characters of impending danger. The robot was ridiculous-the warning was not.

I heard that voice in my head today as I read Proverbs. It felt like every time I read about a “fool”, God was impressing upon me “danger”. Proverbs gives us wise warnings of danger ahead if humans choose a certain course.  In fact, there were so many warnings in just the section I read today (Prov. 13-15) I had a hard time deciding which one to put on here!

I chose Prov. 15:5 because Miriam and I were talking last night about children listening to wise counsel and advice from their parents. It would be so easy for me to write this only to tell you all to listen to us, but I need to read the Bible and see what God is saying to me. I am not to read it and just see what it says for someone else. I considered God’s direction to listen to correction from those around me, including my father (and mother). Of course, Gege and Grandpop won’t be grounding me anytime soon-but they do still have wise counsel for dad and I. Who else right now in my life is in a position to give me counsel, instruction, correction and discipline? Dad. It is important and wise of me to heed his advice too.

Who is it in your life? Dad and I are still very much a part of your life in giving counsel, advising and yes, sometimes correcting. There may be coaches, teachers or friends as well for you. How do you respond? Are you open to godly correction? Do you listen or ignore it?

These are questions for all of us. Descriptions of the fool, I have a feeling, are going to continue in Proverbs. I am going to try my best to see where in my life I am still acting like a fool, instead of using the wisdom God has shown me to conform me to the image of Christ. Since I keep seeing that a fool’s end is described with words like “suffers harm, destruction and calamity,” I definitely want to heed any and all “danger” warnings I hear.  I assume you do too.

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