Some things require “full” immersion…

As you know, I studied German in high school and college. 2 years in high school, 4 years in college. The truth is though, I really did not “know” it or speak it until I was fully immersed in it when I lived in Austria. When I had to pay my rent, electric bill and everything else in German, it was only then that I started to truly “know” German.

Proverbs tells us today that the way to avoid evil is by the fear of the Lord. This also requires “immersion”. The idea of the fear of the Lord being the beginning of wisdom and keeping me from evil is prevalent throughout all of Proverbs. If the key of avoiding evil is a fear of the Lord, how then, can we increase our “fear” of the Lord? By “full immersion” in Him. Know God. Know him REALLY well.

We need to be immersed in God. The strength of our walk with God will be dependent upon our immersion in Him. Another way the Bible puts this is if we are “abiding” in Him. John 15:5 tells us “…whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit.” Avoiding evil is one form of “bearing fruit” in our Christian walk.

For me to immerse myself in German, it required time, energy, self-discipline and in some cases, being uncomfortable or giving up other things. It is the same to strengthen our walk with God to make it strong enough to help us avoid evil.

What are some ways we will choose to “abide in Him” today, so that we will fear Him more and avoid evil? Wouldn’t you like it to be easier to avoid evil if at all possible? I believe God tells us here how that is possible-fear Him. And to do this, we need to immerse ourselves fully and daily in Him-every way we possibly can. So, again I ask- “How are you (I) going to immerse yourself in God today?”

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