Be happy!

Jordan starts with Merrill Lynch in a few weeks. Daniel moves out today to start his new job in the Washington Area. Rain may now go to school in Italy in the fall. Emma M. is starting college this year. High School, college, full time jobs, singleness, even friendships are really seasons in life. Just like seasons in the year, seasons in our life don’t stay forever. The changes above are all good ones, but not all seasons are good. We have all been through bad seasons as well-life will always include both.

The writer of Ecclesiastes today talks of this, of changing times, the good and the bad. He tells us as we live through these times, enjoy the good ones. He also says when we are in the bad times, to realize or “consider” God has made them both. He has allowed both. If we truly believe God is sovereign, than we have to believe He allows them.

We will NOT always know why He allows them though. That is the difficult part. This writer learned that it is easier to go through bad times if we can concentrate on the fact that God allows them.  We are to trust God when we don’t know the “why”. This will bring us peace and strength to get through it.  The temptation and our emotions during tough times will want to make us belabor the “why”, how to get out of this, or perhaps how “unfair” a situation is. If we can instead re-focus on God and who we know Him to be (good all the time) we will have a much easier time getting through the tough season. Know that seasons don’t last forever, and it will end.

How about the other part of this verse, the “when times are good”? Be happy. I would say most of you are in that place right now-it is summer, you have a lot of time to just enjoy with your friends, doing fun activities. Enjoy it. Know it won’t last forever, but for now, this is what God has chosen for you and I. Don’t just take it for granted, but give God thanks for this “good”  time. He was providential and chose it for you right now, today!

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