Here is a riddle for the day: What do you call a person who…
*does not desire wisdom
*lacks sense
*multiplies words
*finds pleasure in evil conduct
*his ways seem right to him
*blurts out stupidity
*has no knowledge
*is deceptive
*believes anything
According to Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, this person is called a “fool.”

As I have been reading both of these books, I started to keep a list of the characteristics of a “fool”. Today, we can add another characteristic to the list: shouting. At least, the ruler of fools shouts.

Consider this in politics. What do the “craziest” or most foolish politicians or protestors do? Shout. Consider friends who shout-are they usually shouting wisdom or idiocy? Consider ourselves-when we raise our voice and start to lose control, are we acting like a wise person or a fool?

Assuming none of us wants to “grow up” to be a fool, we would be wise to look at this list and consider where our weaknesses and “foolish” tendencies lie. Do any of these characteristics describe us?

By contrast, the wise as we know, fear God-and this is where wisdom begins. According to today’s verse, the wise use quiet words. Think of wise people you know-are they loud? Do they shout? I think of Dad and Pastor Curtis to start. They are both quiet people, but I certainly consider them wise.

As with all proverbs, these are principles, not promises. They are guidelines though. We know those who walk with the wise become wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.  (Prov. 13:20) Which path are we headed on? What are we or are friends like. Do we or friends find pleasure in evil, shout, believe anything OR are we and friends quieter, seeking God and wisdom with our time, reading, choose to listen to wisdom. The answer to these questions will reveal whether we are on the path to wisdom or headed towards harm.

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