“Who cares?”

Unfortunately, Squidward is right. In fact, he is almost quoting Scripture here today. (Imagine that!) “Who cares” is a fairly common phrase these days, but it is not anything new. Spiritually speaking, people have not cared for eons.

Jeremiah today is relaying the failures of the Israelites to care about the things of God. He list sin after sin of how far they have gone from God. He points out that they talk of God with their lips, but that he is “far from their hearts.” (Jer. 12:2) He says they do not listen to God but instead, follow the stubbornness of their “evil hearts”.  (Jer. 11:8) Ultimately, as we see in today’s verse.. there is “no one who cares.”

We could look at this and say “care”. Or remind ourselves we need to listen to God. We could try to look for stubbornness in our hearts and weed it out so we obey Him better, because at times, we all do these things too, don’t we?  But the more I read today, the more I was reminded, time and time again the people failed. No matter how many warnings, prophets, truths and punishments, they still failed. The truth is, we too would continually fail all the time EXCEPT for Christ.

We live after Jeremiah. We live in the day when God has sent Jesus to succeed where we fail. He has sent us a comforter, a helper, a teacher in the Holy Spirit. He has sent us a person who will reside in our hearts and transform us so that we do care. When you feel convicted or avoid sin or choose to read your Bible, it shows you DO care. You and I do care that God is our God. We care that we listen to what He says. We care that his Word is true and we desire (albeit not perfectly yet!) to follow Him. We care because God has given us a new heart to care. This is the good news. This is the transforming power and work of Jesus Christ in yours and my life today. We do now care. We can be thankful today, that God has given us the ability to care, to not follow our stubborn, evil hearts and that we can draw near to God. Just stop for a moment and consider how your life would be different without God-and then give thanks that He gave you and I the ability to “care”.

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  1. I’m reading through Jeremiah right now and I loved this post. It is sad to see the people turn their backs over and over to the Lord. Yet I do that every hour myself. Thanks for this encouragement that each time I am reading, praying, and studying, I am showing the Lord that I want Him to be glorified in my life.

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