Do be too strong…

Aaron and Shane have been working quite hard this summer to build up their strength. It will help keep them in shape and definitely help them in lacrosse next year.

Physical strength is one thing, but there are other strengths. In fact, in job interviews you may be asked the question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. We all have strengths, and today, I see we need to keep these strengths in perspective.

God tells us in Jeremiah that the person who depends on his flesh (on himself) for strength  is cursed. In contrast, the one who trusts and puts their confidence (depends on) God, is blessed. I will assume we all prefer blessing to curses.

This begs the question of what or who do we depend on? It dawned on me that when we are worried, it reveals where our trust lies. It reveals if we are truly dependent on God or if instead, we have slipped into depending on our own flesh. When we are anxious, we are concerned that things are out of control more pointedly that we have “lost” control. We realize we can’t fix, resolve, heal or help someone or something. It points to us depending on ourselves to handle everything.

Instead, we need to place that trust in God. Our confidence needs to constantly be in Him. His sovereignty, his providence, his goodness and his love for us are sufficient and solid ground to stand on. Perhaps, we can listen to Jeremiah today and use it to help us turn our worries to trust. When we worry about getting a job, having enough money, getting a good grade, passing a test, being healed or anything else, let’s hand that burden back to God. Use it as a trigger to remind us that we have slipped into depending on ourselves, and God is reminding us to trust in Him instead.

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