*Summer Break*

Here we are-mid way through July and my last post was about a month ago! Yikes.  Just in case you were wondering-no, you did not miss any posts. It is just a busy summer in this household again-juggling job schedules, sharing cars, church activities, sports activities, the blessings of visitors and more. It is all good and gifts from above, but also forcing a “break” from postings. I just wanted to send out a note to my followers to let you know I will be getting back. I may try to add a few postings throughout the summer, but if not, then I should be back in full swing come the beginning of the school year.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer. May we all continue to read God’s Word daily, grow in Him, be in prayer for each other and use the gifts God has given us for the good of others and to His glory!

Unfortunately, my site has somehow been compromised which means if you by chance have tried to go to it, you may have been redirected to a different site or a pop-up window with a *fake* flash update (or something similar). It seems to be sporadic-sometimes it works fine, other times it does not. I am working with the hosting company and a friend to get this fixed-not sure how long that will take, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

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