Our daily memory loss…

“Sum R Fun” pool company is coming today to look at the stains in the pool and a few other items. Dad and I made a list so I can remember what to ask them about. If I did not write it down, I would be certain to forget all of them. I forget things all too easily.

It is not just pool things I forget though. I also forget things God does for me. I forget how He protected me when I lived in Austria. I forget how He sovereignly orchestrated my life so I would marry dad. I forget all the specific times he healed you kids of sicknesses or helped you through difficult times I prayed about. I forget all the times He protected you and I in what could have been dangerous situations. When I forget these things, it makes it harder for me to trust him in the current trials and tribulations. I begin to “sink” myself.

I thought about all of this as I read Matthew today. Matthew 14 Peter walking on the water and losing faith. When this happens, the disciples who are shockingly surprised by Jesus calming the storm, all of the sudden realize Jesus is the Son of God,  as seen in today’s verse.

What I don’t understand is why they just realized that at this point. The verse says, “then…” Really? That was the point they realized it?  They had not already realized Jesus was the Son of God after witnessing countless miracles that you and I will never see in our lives? Seeing the feeding of the five thousand, lepers healed, blind given sight, and the lame walking had not been enough proof? How is it they are just now realizing Jesus was Son of God?

I wonder if they “forgot”. I wonder if they had to keep realizing on a continual basis who Jesus and God were. It seems that all humans, even given miracles on a daily basis, STILL “forget” who Jesus is. The Lord’s prayer starts by having us ask for our daily bread. One of the reasons I need to read God’s Word and ask him to show me His glory daily is to remind me He is God. He is the God who makes people walk on water, who makes the blind to see, who calms seas, who heals my children, and who has faithfully walked with me through difficult times. He is truly God and Jesus is truly the Son of God-and I need daily reminders because I forget. I bet you forget too. We all need reminders. What reminders will you hear or read today so that you too, will again see Jesus as the Son of God and Lord of your life today?

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