More than a “religious experience”…

The solar eclipse a few weeks back sure made big news. When I read people’s responses, particularly non-believers, they often described it as “a religious experience.” That was the best they could do. They couldn’t move beyond “religious experience” because they didn’t know the God of Israel, the Creator behind it all.  They did not know who to praise and glorify given what they had seen.

Some people do know and others do not. In Matthew today, the people near the sea of Galilee also see something amazing. They see mute people speaking, crippled made well,  the lame walking and the blind seeing. They made the connection between the thing they had seen-and the PERSON responsible for all of it. That is the difference. They knew it was the God of Israel who had done all this. The non-believers viewing the spectacular eclipse do not know the God of Israel, they do not know our God. They do not recognize God as creator and therefore, they literally have no object upon which to lavish their praise and glory.

God is amazing. Yesterday I wrote about needing to see God as Lord daily, and this follows right along. When we are daily reminded of who God is, we will see His works more clearly and praise him more with every passing day. Our natural response to his amazing acts in our lives will draw our attention back to Him and cause us to give Him the glory.

I am praising God right now for the dr. appt. we had yesterday with Aaron and dad. It may not have been  a “solar eclipse”, but Dr. H. was encouraging, helpful and hopeful, which were all answers to my prayers. God reminded me at that moment that she isn’t the only wonderful doctor He has graciously given our family. He has given us many others, including  Dr. Jackovic-who discovered dad’s one genetic disease that if she had not pursued it, could have destroyed his vital organs and M. Waldron-who was willing to prescribe medicine for Miriam even though she was in Va and she couldn’t really see her. This is just naming a few.  I don’t count them as small gifts-to have so MANY good doctors is really amazing. They are gifts from the giver of all good things-and I praise God for these gifts.

Have you been amazed recently? If so, why and did it cause you to praise God? May our praise reach Him daily. I also pray and hope that we use these opportunities to share God with those who do not know Him so that they too can have far more than just a “religious experience”, and instead, through the amazing, can see God.

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