Make disciples and BE disciples…

We are all familiar with the UD college ministry called BSM or Baptist Student Ministry. The fruits of this ministry are evident to us through people like Kate, Nick, Dinaker, Tarik, the Walters and more. They are not perfect people-but they are clearly sinners seeking to love Jesus with their whole heart.. We see many of the BSM students now serving in the church as youth leaders, deacons and Bible study teachers. They have been well-discipled and understand that becoming a believer brings you into the family of God, serving and learning along side other believers. I would recommend BSM to anyone. Why? Because I see it as a ministry that understands the term “discipleship”. Those students are challenged during college to memorize scripture, study the Word and to develop relationships that hold them accountable to “live a life worthy of God” as a believer. It is clear, by what God has done through the ministry, that they are not out to just have college students say a little prayer and “accept Jesus into their heart”-but they desire to be a part of the great commission as found in Matthew today. It is their desire and aim to share the gospel with non-believers, and once they have received salvation, to disciple them.

This ministry takes Matt. 28:19-20 to heart. So many times we can see efforts to follow vs. 19, but to forget about verse 20. Jesus words of instruction to his disciples and all those who follow in their footsteps were to “make disciples of all nations” and to “baptize” them-this is a public profession of faith in Christ. Then, Jesus gives the instruction to teach them to obey what He has commanded. His disciples were not to just share the gospel-but they were to share and make additional disciples who were versed in and living out the truth, so they could continue to spread the good news.

Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ? Am I? Right now, I believe God’s call for me in terms of making ‘disciples’ is you “children”-but as you are now young adults, this role for me is fading to some degree. I trust God will put others in my life that He might be able to use me to disciple. At the same time, I am a disciple myself. I need to be “being” discipled by someone. God has placed dad in my life to “disciple” me along with some others. I should be desiring to obey Jesus commands and intentionally seeking to be shown where I am not obeying. How about you? Are you currently discipling anyone? It does not need to be formal-but are you helping and encouraging anyone in their faith, to obey what they know to be right, and to turn from sin? Are you being discipled? Is there anyone in your life who is a close friend AND willing to spur you on to good works in your walk of faith, calling you out for those areas that need to be addressed and encouraging you in your walk? These are always good things to consider and examine no matter how old we are and no matter where in our walk with Christ we find ourselves.


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