Have you ever wanted one of  your friends to meet another? I would guess Miriam was anxious to have Ellie get to meet Claire or Liz while she was visiting at Liberty. Jordan has had fun introducing Flynn and Connor to one another and they clearly have struck up their own friendship. I have been talking with my friend Jona, whose daughter recently got married and I would LOVE if she could meet Mrs. K. someday. They have so much in common and I know would enjoy getting to know each other.

Today, we see brothers interacting like this in the book of John. Andrew meets Jesus, and immediately goes to get his brother so he could meet Jesus too. Of course, Andrew’s reason for bringing Simon (Peter) was a little bigger than “having something in common”. Jesus was a person every Jew and their forefathers had been waiting for for centuries. Andrew did not want his brother to miss it. He knew this person was life-changing for him, his brother, and every other human being on earth.

If Jesus were to physically plan to come to our house tonight, is there any friend or family member you would text right now and say “You HAVE to come over tonight! You won’t believe this, but Jesus is going to be here!” Who comes to mind? What extent would you and I go to get them here? Would it really be important enough to us that they  meet Jesus?

I am asking myself these questions as I write, because in this Scripture, God has reminded me that introducing Jesus to others should be a natural part of me. I should be wanting to “bring” my friends to Jesus too. Of course, it is a little different because He is not standing here as a flesh and blood person, but that doesn’t mean I can’t “bring” someone to Christ. I can still introduce them to Him or tell them all about Him.  This also begs the question of whether I honestly desire to tell others about Jesus? Is He important enough in my own life that I don’t want Mr. D. or Adrienne or the Harris’ to miss out on meeting Him? I have to wonder why I don’t seem in a rush to go “grab” them and introduce them to Him. Why am I not doing that today? How can some of them have lived next door for over 10 years, and have not really heard the gospel from me? I think as believers these are actually good questions to ask. We can pray God would help us to be the next Andrew who runs to grab our sibling or friend or neighbor so they too, can meet and know the Savior, the Messiah-the Christ that we, too, have found.


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