The whispering crowd…

“Whisperings of the crowd.” Before school started, I heard many saying Mr. Porter had left the school. Mr. Porter is, in fact, still teaching at school. Somehow we humans very often get our facts mixed up, and not just mixed up, but sometimes completely wrong. Especially when it comes to information that is being passed through a “crowd”..or “squad”…or group of friends.

This has not changed with time despite the invention of the mail system, telephones and now, even technological up-to-the-minute communication via text or otherwise. It can still be bad information or “fake news” to use today’s terms. Look at the verse today in John. As I read this, at first I thought how could a crowd of people listening to the exact same person come up with such a different conclusion, such “fake news”. A “good man” and a “deceiver” do NOT look the same. How could anyone have looked at Jesus and thought he was a deceiver? What was the deceit? The Pharisees claimed Jesus was deceiving others by saying he was the Christ or God’s son, but the people themselves could have adequately judged without the help of the Pharisees. These people had seen miracles. They had heard Jesus teaching with their own ears.

Reading these narratives about Jesus life is a reminder to be VERY wary of what the “crowd” is saying. In today’s case, both conclusions were wrong. Jesus was not a “good man” and he was not “deceiving” people. He was the Christ. They should have just gone to the source. They should have considered their own eyes and what they saw and believed the truth. He was exactly who He claimed to be. We should make sure to do the same. Be very cautious when a large group of people claim something about Christ or christianity. Seek the truth ourselves in Christ, in His Word, and in what we have seen Him do in our own lives. (You are recording those things, right?) Do not take the crowds word for it. Crowds, squads, and friends can be wrong. We must always seek the primary source ourselves. Christ claims are as true today as they were this day, when the entire crowd got it all wrong.

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