What are you putting in your containers?

Have you ever been to the Container Store? It is an organizer’s dream. (Basically, it is my dream store!) They have every possible size and type of container anyone could ever want. We all store and organize something-whether it is the simple storage of desk supplies, winter clothes, or a larger project like items in a basement. I never seem to have enough storage containers for some of our stuff. This leads me to consider today’s verse, about exactly that: storing up “things”.

I have a LOT of things. I spend a lot of time buying, using, organizing and storing “things”. This verse in Luke about the storing up of things is within the parable of the rich man who had excessive crops was making provisions to store. Jesus pointed out how he spent all his time and effort to store all this abundance he had on earth, but paid no attention to God. He invested no time in God. He invested no effort in understanding, obeying or seeking God. He was caught by surprise when in the middle of all his “storing” he found himself face to face with God.

I see 2 difficulties in us relating to this parable. First, we don’t have excessive crops. We can’t appreciate the importance of that in that culture and time. Suffice it to say it is perhaps the equivalent to receiving a $500,000/year salary, buying multiple fancy cars, and building a new garage to house all the cars. Secondly, we have a hard time picturing death and facing God in an instant. We all I believe feel we have our whole life ahead of us. Death is very far away (we assume) and perhaps even our picture of God is one of a “grandfather” type person. Someone who will be all kind and loving no matter what.

Take a moment today to consider Jesus instruction to the crowd about being “on guard” against all kinds of greed (Luke 12:15)-greed of things, money, friends, fun, – whatever it is we put our effort in “storing” up. Has this overtaken our effort in seeking and knowing God. Are we making time for solitude with God on a regular basis so this is a habit of our life or are we too busy “storing” up those things that are valuable to us in the here and now. God has given all of us gifts. Are we seeking Him to see how he wants us using them. Are we spending time using our gifts for the good of others in some way and to His glory-storing those types of things up. Or, are we only storing up things that benefit us? It is never a bad idea to take a minute and consider the day we will meet God face to face and to make sure we are preparing ourselves on a daily basis for that meeting. It may be far off-and I sure hope it is for all of us, but neither you or I know for sure. Let us all be prepared today.

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