… like oil and water

Have you ever actually tried to mix oil and water? If you pour some oil and water into a bottle and shake it up, do you know what eventually happens? It will try to mix at first, but you can see it is little bubbles inside of liquid. Then, over time, they will eventually and naturally separate. They can not stay together. This idea is exactly what God is talking about in 2 Cor. 6:14.

This week, Aaron had to memorize 2 Cor. 6:14 for school. It is a familiar verse. I am sure you have heard chapel speakers, convocation speakers or pastors preach mostly on how Christians should not date or marry unbelievers. This is an accurate and appropriate application of this verse, which I hope and pray you all believe and plan to obey. But, today, I would like to add to our understanding of this verse because it is about far more than just who we date and marry. Let’s let the verse explain itself.

We are told not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. In what situations are we “yoked” to someone? We know the picture God is using is one of 2 different type farm animals being hitched together to try to plow. But you and I are not farming, are we? What is yoked for us? Well, look at the rest of the verse because God explains it.

God asks what ‘partnership’ righteousness has with lawlessness? What ‘fellowship’ has light with darkness? Being yoked to an unbeliever is to be in a partnership or in fellowship of some kind with an unbeliever. Other translations include words like alliance, on a team, participation with, join, relationship, and common interests.  God is telling us to not be in our  closest relationships with unbelievers. He is making clear that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ can not be partners. Light and darkness are opposites. Good and bad do not belong together. How would 2 opposites ever work together or have the same goal? They wouldn’t – in fact, they could not. If we are still unclear, here are a few examples: If our closest friends are not believers, do you think you will both go to church together or discuss hard biblical topics? Will a non-believing co-worker give wise counsel regarding how to spend your money? Do you think they will recommend tithing and hold us accountable to that? In regards to a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, if you asked them to pray for Dad’s doctor’s appointment today, could they?

You are in friendships right now and you could identify which are oil and water. The ones that will never mix. They are the relationships that are not moving you to become more Christlike. Eventually one of your partnerships or friendships will become a spouse for you. Be wise and discerning in your decisions regarding who you are on the team of life with, because oil and water have never mixed, and they never will in the future either.


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