What is a server, really?

Miriam is a server for Texas Roadhouse in the summers. This means, when a family goes to eat there, she takes their orders, brings the food out to them when it is ready, gets their drinks and brings them anything else they need. If a customer wants something, they only have to ask her and she, as their server, will get it for them.

The concept of “serving” someone is not a difficult concept, until we mix it in with the bigger concept of “serving God.”  We may say we desire to serve God, but what does that really mean?

Paul claims he serves God today in Acts 27:23. If his statement from Acts is true, then we should be able to look at his life and see what it means to serve God. When Paul became a believer, he switched Masters. He stopped serving himself and started serving Jesus, his new Lord, instead. He stopped doing the things only he desired. he stopped persecuting Christians, and instead, started to spread the truth about Jesus to anyone he could. He was willing to be ridiculed, outcast and even beaten for his words and actions by the people whom he would have called his friends just a few weeks prior. He made new friends who had the same interest in following Christ as Lord and Savior and hung out with them. They studied the word of God, discussed it to see how their lives compared to what they understood God was calling them to do. They corrected one another if they thought someone was not serving “right”, like when Peter needed to be corrected about how Gentiles were saved. He went on trips with his Christian friends. He earned money working hard at the job as a tentmaker, so that he could reach more people and tell them about Jesus. I would guess prior to being a Christian, Paul’s time and money would have been spent in a different way. It changed because his master changed.

When we say Jesus is our Lord and Master, we too, will serve God. The way we spend our time and money will be different than if we are our own master. Can you think of a way that serving Jesus as your master changed the way you spent your time or money today? Is there any other area that calling Jesus our Lord and choosing to serve him has changed any of your decisions today? Think about it and see if you can find a friend to talk to about it. We all make hundreds of decisions daily and whether we know it or not, every decision we make displays who we have decided is the master of our life and who we will serve.


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