Do you really *want* to wear that uniform again?

Aaron has to wear a uniform every day to school and will continue to do so until he graduates next year. Jordan, Miriam and Rain no longer wear theirs. They no longer have to, and I certainly have not seen any of them choosing to wear it. The thing is, if  they wanted to wear their Red Lion uniforms now, they certainly could. It makes me laugh just thinking about it though. I doubt anyone ever chooses to wear them again, and I doubt Aaron will once he finishes at RLCA.

This is slightly like what Paul is talking about in Romans when he speaks of law in Romans 7:6. Paul says we were once bound to sin by the law but have been released from that bondage. So, it is like being released from having to wear the school uniform. Once you graduate, you are done with it.  You no longer have to wear it. We have new, better “clothes” to put on. It is the Spirit that lives in us now. Paul says the thing inside of us that drew us to sin have been replaced by the Spirit in us. The Spirit in us gives us the strength, knowledge and wisdom to not choose sin. But the choice is ours. Just like you could choose to still wear the uniform, we can still choose to sin. The outcome? Well, if we choose sin-it will be death. It always eventually leads to earthly and eternal bad consequences. If we choose living by the Spirit, through the blood of Christ and his atonement for us-it will be life. It will be good fruit in this life, things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control AND it will be eternal life in the hereafter.

What does this mean practically? How do you choose not to “wear” sin? When we choose not to pass on a crude joke-we are not putting on our sin “uniform”. When we take time in solitude with God’s Word daily, we are putting on the clothing of the Spirit. When we regularly and willingly tithe to church, we have chosen to leave the uniform in our closet.

Sometimes we actually need this reminder. The “uniform” of sin will unfortunately always be in our “closet” while on this earth. What we need to remember is we are no longer required to wear it.  We do NOT have to put it on any more, because we have been released from that and have MUCH better “clothes” to wear now!

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