What’s your inheritance?

Imagine if our builders had hidden a “treasure” stash of gold and cash in one of the houses in this neighborhood. Let’s say they put it down in the basement in a far away corner and left it there for the owners of the house to find. Now, imagine we were the owners of that house and time passed. As it did, our roof needed replacing, the appliances had all broken and dad lost his job. Imagine that money still in the basement, but when we went down, we never turned on a light to see what was in that corner of the basement, so the stash was never found and the improvements were never made. We instead, remained in poverty and disrepair. What a shame that would be.

I think my heart may be a lot like that house. I suspect yours may be too. Pauls seems to think so, because he prays in Ephesians that the “light” of our hearts would be turned on to see the riches that are already ours. This insinuates the lights currently are NOT on. He prays that the eyes of our heart would be flooded with light so we can know the hope we are called to, the riches that are our inheritance and  the power available to us as believers.

Paul’s point is that if we could ever truly comprehend all that we have been given through our salvation in Christ, we would see the amazing hope we have. As children of God, our inheritance is so far more valuable than any money could ever be, but we don’t see it.

How excited are you about heaven? How excited are you about the riches that are yours? Honestly? Does it cross your mind? If someone told you when you turn 25, you will receive 1 billion dollars, wouldn’t you think about that daily? When times were rough, you might think “but once I make it to 25, I will get that money.” THAT is the way we need to think about and realize our inheritance. Christ has given us an inheritance! The truth I know for me is, I am not as excited as I think Paul is alluding to here. I need this prayer for myself-that the eyes of my heart would be enlightened, that the flood lights would come on in the basement of my heart to see the amazing incredible inheritance I have been given. Feel free to pray Paul’s prayer for me, and maybe you want to pray it for yourself as well. The more we genuinely realize our inheritance, the more hope, joy and power we will have each and every day here on earth AND the more we will want to share it with others too!


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