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Hopefully today Pop-pop will be moving in to stay with us for a little while as he recuperates from his knee replacement surgery. I am looking forward to his arrival and having him here with us. I know Dad’s family are trying their best to help him recover well, with the least amount of pain and in a manner that will get him back to full health as quickly as possible. Lots of texts and emails have been exchanged and everyone has tried the best they can to visit him while he was in the hospital. They and honoring and loving their father in all of these things and set a great example.

Today, I want to just say you all do that too and I want to give a word of thanks for that from Dad and I. It makes a difference. From birth up, you have no doubt, heard the verse I reference today from Ephesians. I am not sure if you remember, but there was a song about  “children obey your parents” on one of the Steve Green cd’s that we played when you were kids. Dad and I tried very hard to teach you obedience- but it has always been your choice. Paul instructs this obedience and honoring of parents, and he reminds us that there is a benefit. It will “go well with you” if and when you do. I believe it does go pretty well between all of us, and this is a big piece of that.

When we ask you to do something, you do it. You may not always want to or even agree with us, but you do it. Whether it is a small request, like to empty the trash, or a much larger one like not attending a certain event or spending your money in a certain way, you listen, and obey if we are firm on it. It is our prayer that now, as you are becoming adults, this obedience to authority would transfer to fully obeying your heavenly father. Dad and I can already see fruits of this in all of your lives, and we could not be more thankful.

So, while these devotions usually are more action oriented on seeing what God is teaching us from his Word, today, I just wanted to send out a thanks. Thank you for respecting and honoring dad and I in this way. Thank you for continuing your walk with the Lord in this manner. We will continue to pray that you will be blessed because of this throughout your entire lives!

PS: If you would like a little “flashback” to your childhood, just click the link below for the Steve Green YouTube video of  “Children obey your parents”. Trust me- you will be sure to smile when you hear it! 🙂

LINK:   Steve Green: Children obey your parents


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