“My prayer…”

We are thankful that Jordan successfully passed both of the tests recently that he needed for his position at work. Passing these tests were proof of his knowledge of finances and investments that are required to do his job well. They give graded proof that he has the knowledge and understanding to give responsible financial counsel, make wise suggestions regarding money and to discern between good and bad investments, considering risks and other factors.

The fact that Jordan loves seeing how finances work in our world today, I am sure, were key to his determination to gain the knowledge and wisdom he needed. Love is a great motivator. We are willing to spend extensive time and energy with things or people we love. I am sure that is why Paul prayed in these verses, that the Philippians love would grow or “abound” more and more in the knowledge and insight of the things of Christ. The greater their love grew, the greater their knowledge would grow. The greater their knowledge grew, Paul tells us, the better they would be able to discern what things were best so they could stay pure. Discerning what is “right” or “wrong” is not always easy. It takes God’s wisdom and knowledge-and Paul knew this.

Have you ever considered if you are discerning in your decision making? How did you decide your college major? What sport to play? What to do this past Friday night? Do we ever have a hard time  deciding if a certain action or activity “matters”? Do we have insight when deciding on relationships we take part in, how we can be used by God in those relationships or how they influence us? Do we just “go with the flow” through life, or do we view things in light of Christ’s coming and a hearts’ desire to be pure and blameless?

Jordan’s wisdom and knowledge with finances is an amazing gift and God has certainly given him a love for it. I will continue to pray that it grows and God uses him in mighty ways for His kingdom through that gift. The knowledge and insight that we all have access to, though, through our love for God and His Word, takes knowledge and wisdom to a whole new level! Godly knowledge and wisdom will continually increase our ability to discern what really matters with all things.  It is something we can pray for ourselves and each other, just as Paul prayed for his brothers and sisters back in Philippi. I can assure you, this is my prayer for all of us.

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    • Aaaww, thanks. And, it never fails-just when I post one that I really wonder whether I should have posted it or not, I find out they were an encouragement to someone!

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