Each of you has a “keepsake” box downstairs in the basement. They have some clothes you wore when you were little in them, as well as a favorite books or toys from your childhood. Some may have a trophy or certificate in them. There is one thing all of the keepsake boxes have in them: things you made. They are special to you-because you made them. You put thought and heart into them. They are more unique than all the other things.

You and I are that keepsake to God. That “made” thing, and even more so, because not only did He make us, but he made us in a very unique way. We were not a school project to be painted. We were not an animal created to roam the earth. We are not a tree or plant void of a soul. We were made in His image, unlike any other creation on this entire earth. We have things about us that are a hint of what God “looks” like. Because of this we have a very special, different value.

God makes this clear in Gen. 9 today as Noah and his family are leaving the ark and as the earth has a new “beginning”. A few of the rules have changed. God is blessing Noah and his family and as he instructs them He gives them dominion over everything. He tells them they may now eat anything, including animals. (Apparently, there were not doing this prior to the flood.) But there is one exception. Man is never to shed another man’s blood. (We could go in to a war discussion on this, but we will save that for another day.) Why are they not to shed the blood of another man? Because God made man in his own image. That is the distinction. The fact that man is different from all other things in this way is all the difference in the world-literally.

We are made in God’s image. This is special and very different. This is why abortion is wrong no matter what the cause or reason. A human being is a human being and of great value no matter WHO they are. We are not just animals and a baby is not a blob of tissue. Because we are made in God’s image, we can have a relationship with God that nothing else in creation can. Animals and plants do not need a “plan of salvation”. Because we are made in God’s image, he has given us abilities that will help us to care well for the rest of things on earth.  What part do you play in that? What piece of God’s image helps you to fulfill that role? What are you taking care of now as a human and what part of God’s image can be seen in that? Is it your caring heart, your organizational mind or your physical strength? From another perspective, are we reflecting that image well? We should never forget as God’s image-bearers, we have a role given to us to care for the world around us and to represent Him well. It is a responsibility, but also, an honor, in that we are a very, very, very special keepsake to Him!


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