Take note of the “qualifier”…

Sometimes when you are introduced to a person, a qualifier is added. It is a bit of information that helps you know who the person is. For instance, Aaron might be introduced as “Jordan’s younger brother.” Miriam might be introduced as “Rebekah’s cousin” or Jordan might be introduced as “Pat and Holly’s oldest son.” It gives a point of reference or a little information.

God introduces himself time and time again in the Bible with qualifiers too. They give us and the person being “introduced” or spoken to a fact about God. Since God decided to record it for all of time in the Bible, I would venture to guess, all God’s qualifiers are important. In fact, a valuable exercise might be to mark them in a special way in your Bible every time you see one this year. It could be our own personal list of attributes of God.

Today, in Genesis, he does that very thing to Abram. God has just repeated his promise to Abram that he will give him a son and descendants too numerous to count. Then, he reminds Abram exactly who He is. He is the God who led him out of Ur to give him a land. First, it is a reminder that God is God. He is not a man. He is not a “god”. He is God. The only God. The word used here is “Lord” or “Yahweh”. This is the most common name for God used in the Old Testament. It is the promised name of God. It connotes omnipotence and the absolute ruler. He reminds Abram he is the ultimate ruler of all.

Secondly, God states his purpose: to lead Abram and to give him and his people a land.  That purpose, or will, includes using Abram and his descendants to fulfill it. God didn’t ask for a volunteer. Abram didn’t come up with a bright idea and suggest it to God. God initiated it and will complete his action.

As a side note, keep in mind we will continue to see verses throughout the Bible starting with the phrase “I am God…”. or “I am the Lord, your God.” Sometimes there will be a qualifier further showing God’s attributes.  Most times, this is spoken as a reminder to people who have forgotten God. They have forgotten who He is and have replaced Him with themselves or another “god”. That reminder is often VERY painful. People are prone to slip into thinking they are in charge. They ignore God and His instruction. They give time, money, or other “offerings” to other “gods”. When they (and we) do this, we will see the consequences are devastating.

Don’t forget who is God each and every morning you wake up. May we see God as the absolute ruler each and every day-and then, walk in that knowledge, as He brings us into His will and accomplishes His will through us. Denying Him, ignoring Him, or forgetting him would be too costly a mistake to make.

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