Expectations and Timeframes…

Aaron just turned 17 last week. He now has the privilege of no restrictions on his license, which he has been waiting for. He expected to get his license at 16, and his expectation was to get the full privileges at 17. We actually “expect” more things in life than we realize. Most of us expect to graduate from high school and college, we expect to get married and raise a family, we may expect to get a certain job. Many times, God fulfills these hopes and expectations, but not always in our expected timeframe. How do you and I react when our expectations are not met? This is what I want us to think about as we look at Joseph in today’s Scripture.

Joseph surely understood unmet expectations. I would think Joseph “expected” his life to be like his brothers’ and his dad’s-to carry on the family life of a typical Hebrew son. We know that did not happen. He was sold as a slave at the age of 17. He did what was right before God’s eyes even when sold to slavetraders and while in Potiphar’s house. You would expect things would work out well. He ended up in jail unjustly. This was not what he expected. He continued to do what was right, but as we can see, was not restored to freedom until he was 30. Did you ever calculate how long that was?  It was 13 years from when he was sold as a slave until he came into the high service for Pharaoh. 13 years is a LONG time. It is almost Aaron’s entire lifetime.

We have the hindsight to be able to see why God did what he did in Joseph’s life and how that came to good in the end, but Joseph did not. He just had to be obedient, faithful and wait on God. He had to wait much longer than he expected. Chances are, God will also put us in waiting patterns in our lifetime and not give us what we “expect” at certain times. It happened to Joseph. We will see this coming Sunday in the sermon with Elijah after the whole prophets of Baal incident. Elijah “expected” the Israelites to turn back to God, but they did not. It was disappointing for him. I am certain Joseph was disappointed when he was sitting in jail and things didn’t turn out as he expected. God’s timing is not our timing. As you and I read the Bible, watch how God acts. Watch His timing. Remember when things don’t go “as expected” in your life as I need to remember in mine-God’s timeline will often be VERY different than ours, but we can always trust His timing is perfect.


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