Providence every year…

Today is my 53rd birthday. I am thankful for every breath and day God has given me. The blessings of family and friends are much too numerous to even count. I was thinking about this this morning, and thinking about God’s sovereignty in my life. Are there things in my life I would change in the past if I could? Sure. Could I have orchestrated and chosen who came into my life and who did not? No, not really. I did not always understand why certain things did not work out at certain times in the past 53 years, and I never could have dreamt what other wonderful things would work out in my life that God knew from the start. He has and always will be sovereign and providential in my life.

I thought about this, because I was reading further in the story of Joseph. I was thinking he would certainly not have chosen to be sold at 17 into slavery. He would not have chosen to have Potiphar’s wife in his life, to accuse him of a crime he never committed. Joseph probably was happy with the outcome of being in a position just under the Pharaoh that allowed him to provide in the future for his own family-but he didn’t choose that. God did. God saw it all from the beginning. He saw Joseph-as a single person, a boy who would become a man. He strengthened Joseph somehow to be able to hold on to his faith through what I would consider years of aloneness in a culture that did not worship God. He certainly did not have a Bible app or daily devotions and Bible studies to meet and bolster his faith. But Joseph had God. He was faithful from his perspective and held fast to God. In the meantime, from the other side of things, God was exercising his sovereignty and providence in Joseph’s life at the micro level, and in the preservation of his chosen people on a macro level.

I do not know how many more years I have on this earth. It could be less than one or decades more. What I do know is at 53, God knows. I will understand and love some of the things that His providence will bring into my life. There will also be hard things, things that will force my faith and trust in God to be strengthened as I walk perhaps through them not understanding, not liking, and thinking I would not have chosen them. What I hope I do and I hope we all do is to remember that God is good, all things come from Him, and continually pray for the faith to stay true to Him through however many years He grants us!

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