Credit where credit is due…

Aaron had a history project this week on unions. It was a joint project that he and 2 other classmates worked on together. Fortunately, they seemed to all truly work together and all put effort in. We all know that is not how it always goes. Sometimes there are group projects where the whole group gets credit, when one person really did all the work. The worst would be if one person did all the work and got no credit for it.

Biblically, this is one thing Jacob does not let happen-at least not in regards to what God has done in his life. Jacob is nearing the end of his life in Gen. 48. He is starting to hand out blessings to all of his sons and grandsons, and does not miss giving “credit” where credit is due. This credit goes to God. Jacob is looking back on his life-all of its ups and downs. He realizes things happened that he would never have dreamt could happen-in this case, actually seeing Joseph again. Then, in light of this fact, he also makes a point of giving God the credit. He specifically stands in awe that God allowed him to see not only Joseph, which was more than he ever expected, but also Joseph’s sons. He has no doubt that God orchestrated all of it. He saw God in his life. He then acknowledged God in his life and wanted others to know about it.

We claim that God is “our” God. Do we look for Him in our lives? Have you or I considered today or this month or last year, the unexpected ways God showed himself to be fully active in our lives? Have we ever written it down or told others about it? Do we give God credit for the good things that happen in our lives, or do we take the credit ourselves? As I see Jacob’s example, I see 2 parts to life in Christ that should be evident in our lives; Constantly looking for what God is doing in our lives, and giving Him the credit for those things. By doing this, we will be able to keep God in his rightful place as Savior and Lord and we will also be more apt to remain humble and thankful. Today, think about what God has done in your life. How would you finish the sentence, “I never expected _______”. Once we identify some of the unexpected blessings that have happened in our lives, let’s be sure to give “credit” where credit is due: to God.

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