Grab a sharpie…

Did you ever write a note on your hand with pen so you wouldn’t forget it? This is a fairly common method used through the ages when you REALLY want to remember something. I bet you didn’t know it goes all the way back to biblical times, did you?

While they did not have ballpoint pens or sharpies back in Moses day, they did have parchment and writing instruments. And God had reminders too. In Exodus 13, he is further laying out the passover celebration, and likens it to a written reminder that would always be before their eyes. The custom was to not eat “leavened” bread (think something like Naan bread)  for 7 days (along with other things) so as to be reminded of what God did for them in the exodus out of Egypt. He does not want them or their future generations to ever forget that He has a strong hand, and was responsible for saving them.

Why was and is this important? It points to two apparently very important characteristics of God: He is VERY strong and He is trustworthy. They were to remember these things and realize they could trust him to save us them in the worst of circumstances. God knew what the Israelites would face in the future including the Assyrians, Babylonians and more. If they could remember to trust and keep following God, and not to turn back to trusting other things (ie: like their tendency to turn back to Egypt) they would be able to walk in God’s blessings. To help them remember this, God says in Ex. 13:8, “You shall tell your son on that day, ‘It is because of what the Lord did for me when I came out of Egypt.’ They were to say “We eat this bread and celebrate a whole week long like this because of what the Lord did for us in Egypt.” In other words, “Don’t forget what God is like and has done for us.”

God is still all-powerful. God still saves us, knowing what our future holds, which most likely includes hardships. Part of helping us get through those difficult times when we will be tempted to not trust God or think he is not strong enough to help us is to dwell on the characteristic of God that we need to be reminded of. Is it hard for you to believe God has not lost control of a situation? Memorize or write down a scripture like Prov. 19:21, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Maybe you worry. Remind yourself of Phil. 4:6-and pray God would help you not be anxious, give Him your requests, and pray for the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Are you emotionally or physically tired? Carry Isaiah 40:30-31 in your pocket, to remind you that everyone gets weary, but if you are faithful to wait on God, he will renew your strength. Whatever the characteristic of God is that we specifically tend to forget or that we need most, find a verse and write it down to remind yourself. Try to memorize it so you can call it to mind. Perhaps pick a time of day every day that you commit to reading it or having it pop up on your phone. Whatever you need to do to keep it with you, do it. If you need to borrow a pen or Sharpie, I would be happy to lend you one!


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