There was and is a reason…

We are making progress researching colleges with Aaron. There is a reason we are looking at colleges. He plans to go to one after he graduates. There is a reason we had a general contractor out to our house a few weeks ago. We hope to have some things done in the kitchen. There is a reason dad takes a gym bag to work in the mornings. He walks during the day at work. There is a reason I drive to the grocery store. I buy groceries there so we can eat. Actions are done for a reason, not haphazardly.

The reason God led the Israelites out of Egypt was so that He could “dwell among them.” Just as our actions have purpose and reason, so do God’s. In today’s Scripture, God makes one of his reasons clear: He desires to dwell with His people. This is one of those Scriptures that makes his heart towards us obvious. He doesn’t want to be “kind of near” us. He doesn’t want to just watch us. He is not looking to punish us. He is not waiting to just laugh at us or mock us. He wants to dwell with his people. We read the Bible to “know God” and today, we have part of God clearly spelled out for us.

This has always been his desire. God wants to dwell with his people. We see it here in Exodus and can trace it all he way through to the New testament in Ephesians 3:17 where we are told, “so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith…” Because God is holy, he could not just dwell with the Israelites in their current state. We all know that he laid out what needed to be done so he could dwell amongst them and no one could meet those standards. If it was all meant to be a cruel joke, then that would have been the end of it. But it wasn’t. God then continued his plan to make it possible for him to dwell with us by sending Jesus. He was the final way to make it possible.

Today’s scripture is a reminder of God’s heart. He desires to dwell with and amongst you. When we seek God with our whole heart, he is not trying to make it as hard as possible to find him or be near him. He is not backing away or hiding so we can not find him. He does not turn his back on us, or avoid us. He went to the greatest length possible to dwell among us.

This is one of those rocks on which we can stand. This is an insight into God’s heart and his love for us. On those days that you doubt if pursuing your relationship with God is “worth” it or real, consider this. We serve a God who desires to be with us. When you sit to read your Bible and you don’t “feel” like God is present-pray that He would make his presence known to you and trust in the truth that He desires to be there. When you don’t fully understand the Bible or why something is happening, God is dwelling amongst you and I, so why do we hesitate at all to ask him? He is a God who from the outset desired to “dwell” among us and He still does!


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