Your “amazing” ability…

Leonardo DaVinci is probably the most famous painter I know. Randy Moss on the other hand, is not a painter. Instead, he is one of the most athletically talented human beings ever to step foot on a football field. How well do you think Randy could paint the Mona Lisa? What about Leonardo? Could he have been a star quarterback for the Eagles this year if he were alive? Of course, none of us know the answer to these hypothetical questions, but we could guess. My guess is that even after years of painting instruction, I don’t think Randy would ever be the artist Leonardo was and vice versa. Why not? Is the saying our world “tells” us, that “you can be whatever you want to be”, true? I personally do not think so, and here is why.

God has given all of us specific abilities and gifts. Exodus 31 includes one of the most clear illustrations of this we will ever read. God’s tabernacle required some very fancy, ornate items to go in it. We are told God filled a man, Bezalel, with His spirit AND with the artistic ability and intelligence to create these things. God gave him the ability and a purpose for his God-given ability. Bezalel’s gifts and abilities, used properly in the right place and the right time, created items perfectly suited to worship and glorify God.

It is fairly obvious that God has also given us innate gifts, skills and talents that no one else in our family, possibly in the world, has as well. At the same time, He has given others gifts you and I do not have. For instance, no amount of instruction and learning could make me a world class singer. Yes, I could improve. I could possibly learn to actually stay on key-but no matter how many hours I spent taking voice lessons, I am 100% certain I  never would or could be a singer. It is not my gift. But, I do have an innate interest and understanding of some technology that others don’t. I love helping others in these areas when they are having trouble. These seemingly small “gifts” can be just as fully used to bring glory and honor to God as Bezalel’s craftsmanship. The big question is, am I looking for where God wants me to use the gifts He has given me, or am I just enjoying them and using them for my own glory? I have a choice.

What ability(ies) has God given you? Do you and I regularly pray and ask God where and how He wants you to use them today for His glory? As Miriam studies criminology, if she is gifted in that area, God could use her to bring justice to unjust situations in this world to God’s glory. Or, she could just use it to make as much money as she can for her own pleasure. Jordan is gifted in the area of being able to draw and lead those around him. He can get others very excited about something and interested in taking part. Will he use that to draw non-believers to a Christian function or church or just to get behind supporting one of his special interests? Aaron can build and see things from a mechanical perspective. Will he use this to possibly help build homes for the needy one day if given the opportunity or just to make his home an amazing wonder for others to see and for his own pleasure. There is no doubt God has gifted each and every one of us. Our task is to see how we can use it for the good of others and to God’s glory as Bezalel did.  I do not believe that you can be “whatever you want to be”. I do believe though, if you use the gifts God has given you for the works he has prepared for you, no other human being on earth will be able to match what you will be able to accomplish for God!


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