We should be better than Alexa…


I was just talking with Mrs. K. about how the Alexa (Amazon Echo) would be helpful and useful for seniors like her dad or her aunt. Part of the discussion included the fact that AI still is not quite where it needs to be in understanding and fulfilling our verbal commands. It has a long way to go.

In terms of doing as commanded, Exodus 40 today shows us the opposite of an Alexa.In Chapter 40 the phrase “all that the Lord commanded” or a similar phrase is written multiple times. I only listed one of the many verses here, but if you look at the chapter you will see this idea is repeated 7 times.  Moses and those assembling the tabernacle are described as doing “as the Lord commanded”. God’s commands regarding the tabernacle were very, very clear. Moses and those he was working with diligently did what was commanded. In fact, if we were to describe these people just based on this chapter, a fair description would be that they were people who “did just as the Lord commanded.”

I wish that is how I could be described as well. Just as we desire Alexa to do what we command her, God desires we do what He commands us. He has stated very clearly, using language we have no trouble understanding.  We don’t have the excuse that Alexa has of not understanding due to being AI (Artificial Intelligence). We volitionally make a choice, day in day out-whether to do what God says or not. In fact, our natural “inclination” is to not obey. But, this can be changed and it doesn’t take the latest software update to do so. It takes the Holy Spirit working in our lives. God tells us that day by day He is sanctifying us and that, in conjunction with a consistent daily intake of his Word, we are being transformed into His image. We become more obedient children who follow His commands. If we find our desire to obey God’s commands increasing daily, we can be sure we are on the right track. If we don’t see ourselves desiring this, or loving what God loves and hating what he hates more each day, than we need to check what we are allowing to influence us in our daily life. Joyful, fulfilling obedience does not come naturally, it comes through transformation of the heart. Transformation of the heart comes from godly disciplines in our lives getting us into His Word daily. To be described as a person who lives “as the Lord commanded” is the best description we could ever have. It would be a wonderful prayer to pray that we might respond like a more “perfect Alexa” when it comes to God’s commands on a daily basis.


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