Where are you on the “org chart”?

Aaron will probably run for a position in student council for next year. The structure of student council at school is SGA president, SGA VP, Class President, Class VP and then numerous other positions along with those. Companies have something similar with CEO’s, vp’s and so on. These are most often called organizational charts. Companies and schools were not the first to come up with the idea of structures or “org charts”. God was.

We see it in Leviticus 4 today, as instructions are given regarding the sin offerings. The priest was the “top level” so to speak in God’s org chart. He goes from the top down. The responsibility also goes from the top down. The priest is responsible for making sure he makes his offering if he sins. As the priest, he is responsible to make sure he is in a right standing with God, to seek restoration to God through the offering, and he will set an example for those under him as well. From there, the same is done at each level; someone is responsible for others, they are to model restoration in their relationship with God and set that example for the rest of the people.

Lev. 4 shows us our God is a God of order. He does have set roles for people. It started in Genesis when he created man and woman, and set roles for them-men are to lead the family, and wives are to be their helpmate. God expands that order for his people in regards to offerings and worship. It continues to the description of how God’s church is to run in the New Testament with teachers, elders and believers. With structure, order and position comes a plan that can be accomplished. God’s plan. The leaders have a responsibility in their given positions and are to model proper behavior. Every person has their role serving those they are given responsibility for and this includes us.

You and I also have a place in God’s organizational chart. He has placed us in a role there we are responsible for some others in some way. Right now, as a mom, I have a God-given responsibility to lead you all, my kids, well. I am responsible to model godly behavior and let you see what it looks like for me to repent from my sin. I should be modeling godly behavior, what it means to spend time in God’s word daily, and how to obey God’s instruction in every day life. I am also in the role of wife, to be a helper to dad. I am to show him great respect and to honor him in my words and actions, loving him unconditionally (which is easy to do since he is so kind to me!). What is your role? Aaron may have the role of SGA president next year. If he does, he will be observed by the others in the school and he should set an example on how to lead well, respect authority, not speak poorly of others. Jordan has a new role of leadership with youth at church. What suggestions or life styles will he live out that are examples to them? Miriam has held positions of leadership in school and in sports. What characteristics could her friends and teammates model that would be pleasing to God?

Our God will always be a God of order. Remember, God does not change. He has set this world up with order and structure from the most basic building blocks of husband, wife and family to the highest level of churches and government. Without order, chaos reigns. Know your role. Pray frequently that God would show you the role he has chosen for you in each season. Take your role seriously as far as the responsibility you have amongst friends and others, and remember the influence you have. That influence does come with responsibility and a calling to be the example God wants you to be. 1 Timothy is a great reminder for this where God tells youth (but really all of us) to “set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”

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