Choose God’s plan A…

When we flip a light switch in this house, the lights turn on. We can see at night, our computers and tv’s work, and I can cook. If dad and I chose to not pay our electric bill, despite multiple reminder letters from Delmarva Power, at some point, we would no longer receive electricity to our house. It would be freezing here in the winter, no electronics would work, and I highly doubt any meal I would try to make would be very appealing. It does not take a genius to figure out that not paying the electric bill eventually means no electricity.

This is exactly the same logic that baffles me about Leviticus 26. God is so clear cut in this chapter. While I was only able to put bits and pieces of the verses from the chapter on this devotion, if you read the whole chapter, you will see it with clarity. If God’s people would obey him, God would bless them. If they chose to disobey, they would be cursed, and their lives would be a nightmare. The baffling part? They chose option B. They did not just choose it once, but time and time again.

Today, I tried to think about why. Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Why would anyone refuse a life where God promises blessings and choose, instead, death and destruction for themselves? As I consider the Israelites disobedience, it was a slow decline into an immoral mess. I think it was like the proverbial frog in the pot. The disobedience occurred in tiny little steps, until it was the “normal” way of life.

I know time and time again as I read the Bible, my heart is the heart of an Israelite. I am inclined to the same weaknesses they were. Humans are inclined to sin. Based on this truth, I have to ask, how am I also choosing disobedience? This is not necessarily an easy question to answer. If I were to ask you “Are you disobeying God today?” I think all of the answers off the top of our head would be “no”. We do not lie, cheat, steal, murder, or any of the other “biggies” in the 10 commandments. We are against abortion and hold to traditional biblical views of marriage. I would go so far as to think others might see me as a “good” or  “nice” person, as are all of you. But I know better. I know I am a sinner, and to be a sinner means there is sin in my life. If I don’t want to follow the footsteps of disobedience to God, and the deadly destruction that path leads to, I better wise up and figure out what my slippery slopes of sin are. What disobedience is my “norm”? Where am I blind in my life to sin, and becoming quite comfortable with it. This will require constantly asking God to show me through His Word and through others where I am disobeying. When I see, I need to repent, ask forgiveness and turn from my sin. Can you name an area of sin in your life? Can I? It is there, I can assure you. I just am oblivious to it, or not admitting to the truth in my life. Maybe you are not either. Yesterday, I suggested we carve out time this week to observe a Sabbath and spend time alone with God. Part of that time could be spent asking God where in our lives we are disobeying him. Be serious. Ask God to bring them to mind and I would suggest writing down at least 3 areas that God points out. Then, honestly repent of these areas of sin,  decide to obey God with the Spirits help and get out of the pot, before we all get boiled alive!

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