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What are some of your prized possessions? Your phone? Computer? Car? How do you feel when they are not working? How do you treat them? Most of us treat our most valuable “things” with care, not wanting to break them. If the computer is not working, we might take it to the genius bar to get fixed, like I did last night with Mrs. K. The Apple genius ran some diagnostics tests, cleared out a few things, and made some additional suggestions on how to fix it. This included wiping it clean from all the misplaced “bits” and reinstalling the operating system. That would make it run properly again as it originally was built to run.

Keep this in mind now as we talk about the Israelites. What have we seen over and over through Leviticus and Numbers as God walks with his people? Countless times He says “I am the Lord your God”. He calls the Israelites “his people”. He has called them out from among all others. Today, at the close of Numbers 6, Aaron is given a prayer to pray for the Israelites. It is a prayer that God would bless them. This prayer is to “put my name” upon the people of Israel. God is the owner of his people. They are His possession. His name is on them, and now, His name is on us.

Think back to the things you own again. They are yours. You can take your phone with you to a game, or leave it home. It is your choice, not the phones. If we call ourselves servants of the one true God, we are His possession. When we struggle with the paths and circumstances He has laid in our life, remember, we are His, and it is His right and choice. We protect our “things” with cases and locks and passwords. As God’s possessions, He too-will protect us in many ways. His instructions on how we are to live life are protection against “damage” and “death”. When your computer is not working or has a glitch, sometimes a program needs to be run to clean it up and get the bad “bits” off. God, owning us, does not want “bits” of sin ruining us. He is cleaning up the “malware” in our life. Sometimes, it may just require deleting a few files, other times, that clean up-due to the severity of the “malware” (sin in our life) will have to go much deeper, it will require a longer time and more difficult removal if the virus is deep in our ‘system”.  It is painful, but is for our good.

Having God’s name “upon us” means we are His. His possession. Just as the Israelites were God’s, and as He did things to protect them, to guide them, to take care of them, He will do the same for us because He treasures us. We are valuable. His name is written upon us, and as image bearers, he is daily “cleaning us up” and “restoring” our operating system back to what it originally was before sin tainted and ruined it. It is for our good. Only God can truly fix and restore you, giving you peace that surpasses all understanding. May God bless you and I and keep us. May His face shine upon us and may he be gracious to us. May He lift up His countenance on us and give us peace.* Through all of this, may we be blessed as His name is written upon our hearts and as we are His prized possession, bought with the life of his Son.

*Num. 6:24-27

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