Here to serve…

His, hers, mine, yours, ours. These are all possessive pronouns. They indicate ownership. Yesterday we talked about our “prized” possessions: phones, cars, computers, etc. These are things we own and use. They serve a purpose. They do something; take us to school or work, call a friend, take a picture, create a devotion. I can not think of a thing we “own” that doesn’t serve a purpose, can you?

“Serve” is the operative word for today. To serve is to render help, be of assistance, or be of use. In Numbers today, God singles out the Levites to serve Him. God goes on to explain that every firstborn son is his (Lev. 8:16-19), but now the Levites will take their place. They were going to be set aside to be God’s. Numbers 8:14 is very clear that the Levites “will be mine”. We are talking ownership here. God is the owner. They are his possession. Now that they are His possession, they were to serve him in the tabernacle. God has of course, spelled out their exact duties throughout the Old Testament as to how they were to serve.

Two observations to see from this text. First, serving God requires He possess us first. We have to be His to serve Him. Everyone’s life is divided by whether or not they belong to God. I can’t see how anyone could serve God without belonging to Him. We must belong to Him first.  Secondly, if we claim to be Christ’s, to be saved, to be Christians-than by that claim, we ought to be serving our master. We are to be rendering help, being of assistance, being made use of by God. The Levites, as God’s possession, were assigned to serve God with all the tabernacle duties. We, as believers, have been given gifts that are perfectly suited to serve God in the duties he assigns us. Where are you serving now? Dad serves on the Shepherding team. Jordan is serving in church with the youth. The church is one of the first places God can use us to serve and further his kingdom. As members of a church, it will be important we are not just bystanders. We should be actively serving somewhere. Are you or I serving our master God, somewhere? If not, pray and look for areas He may be opening doors for you to serve. If you are not sure, try something and see if it is a good fit. Ask at church if they need help in any area and let someone know you are available. If we are truly His possession, than He can and will use us to further his kingdom and bring him glory. If we don’t have time or any interest in serving God, it may be time to ask who we are currently serving and who is truly our master.


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