Be a die-hard fan…

We often talk in our family about “die-hard” sports fans versus “fair-weather” fans; those who hop on the bandwagon when things are good. I believe we would all agree Jordan is a true Philadelphia fan through and through; Eagles, Sixers, Phillies and Flyers. We will never hear Jordan cheering for the Cav’s or Cowboys. His love of sports are Philadelphia teams only and exclusively. Jordan knows all about the team’s players and their stats. He reads and often forwards countless articles about them. He follows Philly sports twitter accounts, goes to games when he can, has written a few blog entries about them and wears the jerseys. Jordan has a life size Eagles player Phathead glued to his bedroom wall. No one could ever say he is less than 100% devoted.  We do not have to remind him daily to love and follow his teams. I don’t say to Jordan, “I think you should really make an effort to watch the Sixers game tonight”. He works his schedule around the games when possible and is always aware of when they are playing and against whom. Jordan loves Philadelphia teams.

This is the best example I can think of for an “undivided” love. In Deuteronomy today, the verse I quote above in the German bible says our love for God is to be “ungeteilte”. That word translated to English is “undivided”. In full, the verse reads “I, the Lord, your God, require undivided love from you.”  English versions translate it  “For I the Lord your God am a jealous God…” I looked at all English translations to for the wording of “undivided love”. I did not find any, but after consideration, I think the meaning is ultimately the same. Think about jealousy. God is jealous. This jealously is in relation to his people worshiping any other gods. God is jealous of anything else getting the worship and love He deserves and is worthy of. So, really, it is an undivided love He is looking for. It is an all or nothing love. Either He is #1 or He is not. There is no in-between. 

Now, let me come back to Jordan as an illustration. If Jordan said he was a huge Philadelphia sports fan, but bought season tickets to the Ravens or Celtics games-I think we would doubt his allegiance.(Although Chandler might like it.) His actions would betray his words. I would call him a “fair-weather fan” or at least say he was not loyal to his teams.  In the same way, our actions will confirm or betray our words regarding who is our first love as well. Do we seek out activities and attend activities that build our understanding and relationship with God?  Can we quote “stats” (maybe verses are the equivalent?) about God, his people, his beliefs and truths? Do we get excited when we see God “win” souls or moral victories in this world? What pictures do we save and put up around us, on our walls or as wallpaper on our device screens? Do we enjoy the company of others who love our “team” (God) as much as we do? Do we gather together with other fans (Christians) for events and outings? Is God our first love, or do we have an undivided heart that betrays our words when we claim to be a Christian and a person who loves God? Our God is a jealous God. It is always a good thing to pray that we would have an undivided heart towards Him, that we would “love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our strength and with all our mind…” (Luke 10:27, my words in italics) May we never, ever be a “fair-weather” fan or have a divided heart when it comes to God. 


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