Favorite Sites

Here are some of my favorite websites that I thought I would share…Just click the icon to  check it out!

challies.comChallies.com – Christian Pastor/blogger who shares insights, reviews and resources. I love the articles he posts and always find them challenging, insightful and encouraging. He also posts great Kindle deals, that I would otherwise miss!


BIbleGateway.com – I use this resource almost daily. Scripture can be looked up in any almost any BIble version, including audio bibles and foreign languages. My absolute favorite use it to look up a verse in multiple versions. (This only works for a single verse) Enter the verse reference at top and select search. Once the verse if displayed, click the small link towards the bottom that says: “(verse reference) in all English translations”.


AndreaDekker.com – real life…simplified. Practical tips for home, organization and family.


Images withLifehacker.com – Tips, tricks and downloads for getting things done. From technology tips to DIY ways to make your own detergent. Great ideas. *One note of caution: this is not a Christian site, and they  have some very liberal views and articles that I would not necessarily recommend. Be discerning and selective.




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