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I have been reading through the book, Joshua Code by O.S Hawkins this year (2014). The subtitle for the book is “52 Scriptures Every Believer Should Know”. It is a very easy read-I can highly recommend it. God has greatly impressed and convicted me this year on the top priority and importance of Scripture memorization, and I feel this book is a good place to start. In my own personal struggle to try to memorize Scripture, I have attempted each week to make a graphic with the verse on it to help me memorize it. I thought I would post these here in case they would be of any help to others as well. I have put them in the same order as they are found in the book as well as added a few additional verses on the end that God has led me to “re-memorize”. There are a few missing… I will work on updating those. My apologies that various Bible versions are used, depending on the verse. This is because having grown up in the Christian community..and thankfullly, having already learned some of the verses-I have “lived” through the KJV to the NIV to now, the ESV. So, it just added to the difficulty if I tried to memorize it in a new version as opposed to the one I already knew!  Please feel free to copy, print, download for wallpaper or use these in any way you can if they would be of help to you in hiding God’s word in your heart. If you are interested in looking into the book, just click on this link: Joshua Code

Week 1:    Gen. 1:1
Week 2:    John 3:16
Week 3:    Eph. 2:8
Week 4:    Psalm 23:1
Week 5:    Rom. 8:28
Week 6:    Matt. 5:6
Week 7:    Is. 53:6
Week 8:    Matt. 7:7
Week 9:    Eph 5:18
Week 10:  Gal. 5:22-23
Week 11:  Jer. 33:3
Week 12:  I Cor. 10:13
Week 13:  Phil. 1:6
Week 14:  Matt 4:17
Week 15:  2 Tim. 3:15
Week 16:  Prov. 29:16
Week 17:  John 11:35
Week 18:  John 11:25
Week 19:  2 Chron. 7:14
Week 20:  Gal. 2:20
Week 21:  Mark 1:17
Week 22:  I John 1:9
Week 23:  Luke 10:27
Week 24:  John 13:34
Week 25:  I Cor. 10:31
Week 26:  I Sam. 16:7
Week 27:  Luke 22:42
Week 28:  Eph 1:7
Week 29:  John 14:6
Week 30:  Phil. 3:13-14
Week 31:  2 Tim. 2:15
Week 32:  Prov. 22:6
Week 33:  Joshua 1:8
Week 34:  Matt. 5:41
Week 35:  Ruth 1:16
Week 36:  Acts 1:8
Week 37:  Rom 6:23
Week 38:  Psalm 23:4
Week 39:  James 2:26
Week 40:  Romans 5:8
Week 41:  Matt. 27:46
Week 42:  2 Cor. 5:20



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